About - Mailing List - Apple Club

About - Mailing List - Apple Club

If you sign up for our Mailing List, you can receive an email from the Apple Club when we have some news to share, such as when a new presentation is uploaded, or when there is a new support or news article. Get a preview right in the email, as well as a link to the corresponding page to view the full story.

How Do I Sign Up?
Click this link: Add to Mailing List

The Apple Club takes extra measures to make sure no one can see your email address when getting a news update via Mailing List. See our Privacy Information for more.

Having Trouble with our Subscribe Link?
The Subscribe link which appears on this page or our Contact Us page may not do anything when clicked, or open an undesired application. The most common cause for this is that your default Mail client is either not set or is an undesired application. Below are fixes for this:

On Windows
Open the Control Panel, then click on "Programs." Then click on Set your Default Programs. Select the desired mail client, then Set Defaults 
for This Program. Be sure that the protocol "mailto:" is selected, as well as email links.

On older versions of Windows, open the Control Panel, click on Add or Remove Programs. Then click Set Program Access and Defaults. 
Click Custom, and then click on the double down arrows to the right of the word "Custom." There will be a header for choosing default email 
program, and then select the desired program.

On Mac OS X
The link should open in the Mail app. If you have not already configured your email address for Apple's Mail app, you can do so by opening 
System Preferences, then clicking on Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Then click Add Account and fill in the necessary information.

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