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Note that these articles are not written or endorsed by Apple, but may contain links to support articles on Apple's website.

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 Article Title
 Article ID
 Rating  Comments
 A Browser Pop-up Scam has Taken Over Safari  Article ID: AT4836 562
 About Apple Support Communities  Article ID: AA1010
 Adjusting to iTunes 12  Article ID: AE2332 0
 AirPlay: iOS and Mac  Article ID: AA1072 1
 AirPort Utility: AirPort Device not Found with Firmware 7.6.7 or 7.7.7  Article ID: AT4852 0
 AirPrint on iOS  Article ID: AE2310 0
 App Store: Downloading Older Versions of Apps   Article ID: AA1098 78
 Apple Earphones and EarPods with Remote and Mic  Article ID: AA1012 1
 Apple ID is Disabled  Article ID: AT4810
 Apple ID: Resetting Forgotten Security Questions  Article ID: AT4818
 Apple Pay: Configuring and Using  Article ID: AA1114 0
 Apple Product Lost or Stolen  Article ID: AA1014 18
 Apple Store App for iPad: Making a Genius Bar Reservation  Article ID: AA1102 0
 Apple TV: YouTube App is Missing  Article ID: AT4844 0
 Apple Watch: Getting Started  Article ID: AG5022 0
 Apple Watch: Putting On and Taking Off Watch Bands  Article ID: AG5024 0
 Audio Disabled after Upgrading to Yosemite  Article ID: AT4842 0
 Avoiding Phishing Scams  Article ID: AE2336 0
 Basic Troubleshooting Steps for iOS  Article ID: AT4812 2
 Battery Percentage: iOS and Mac  Article ID: AE2312 4
 Buttons and Hardware on Your iOS Device   Article ID: AH3210 2
 Camera Shortcut on the Lock Screen  Article ID: AA1016 0
 Charging Your iOS Device  Article ID: AA1082 12
 Closing Apps on iOS   Article ID: AA1018 2
 Contact Names Changed to "False False"  Article ID: AT4832 0
 Continuity: Phone Calls, SMS Relay, Handoff, and Instant Hotspot  Article ID: AA1112  0
 Copying and Pasting on iOS  Article ID: AA1020 0
 Copying Documents to iOS  Article ID: AA1022 0
 Creating an Apple ID   Article ID: AA1024 0
 Dealing with Spam Email, iMessage, SMS or Phone Calls  Article ID: AA1104 0
 Deleting, Rearranging and Grouping Apps  Article ID: AA1026 0
 Dictation on iOS and Mac OS X
 Article ID: AE2314 0
 Disk Utility: Unable to Erase or Partition a Disk after Installing Yosemite  Article ID: AT4840 1
 Dismiss "Get OS X Yosemite Free" Notification  Article ID: AA1118 8
 Downloading a User Guide for your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac  Article ID: AE2316 0
 Downloading Images from Your Web Browser  Article ID: AA1138 0
 Downloading Past Purchases from the App Store  Article ID: AA1028 0
 Emoticon Keyboard: Hiding Specific Emoticons  Article ID: AA1124 0
 Enabling Two-Step Verification for your Apple ID  Article ID: AT4824 4
 Everything you Need to Know About Carriers and Unlocking  Article ID: AA1030 52
 Family Sharing in iOS 8 and Later  Article ID: AA1110 0
 Finding iOS Apps Compatible with Older Devices  Article ID: AE2318 3
 Finding macOS Apps Compatible with Older Macs  Article ID: AE2324 0
 Fixing the "Effective Power" Bug on iOS  Article ID: AT4846 0
 Forcing an iPod to Restore  Article ID: AT4848 2
 Forgot Passcode or Unable to Restore  Article ID: AT4814 1
 Genius Bar: Preparing for Your Apple Store Appointment  Article ID: AT4822 1
 Getting Started and Get-Started Apps  Article ID: AG5010 0
 Guide to Built-In Apps on iOS  Article ID: AG5012 1
 Handling Calendar Invitation Spam  Article ID: AA1142 0
 Hardware Defect: Home or Power Button   Article ID: AH3212 1
 Having Siri Alert you of Incoming Calls  Article ID: AA1066 2
 Home Screen: Missing App Store, FaceTime, iTunes or Other Icon  Article ID: AT4820 103
 How to Add an Emoticon Keyboard on iOS  Article ID: AA1032 4
 How to Stop Sharing an Apple ID  Article ID: AA1116 0
 iCloud Guide  Article ID: AG5018 0
 Identifying MagSafe Chargers  Article ID: AA1122 0
 If your Mac does not Have a CD Drive  Article ID: AH3214 0
 iOS 6 Maps: Reporting a Problem  Article ID: AA1080 0
 iOS and macOS: Installing Beta Software Causes Serious Instability  Article ID: AE2322 0
 iOS: Backing Up and Restoring Data  Article ID: AA1078 0
 iPad: Calculator, Clock, Stocks, Weather  Article ID: AA1070 0
 iPad Smart Case: Applying and Removing  Article ID: AG5014 2
 iPhone: About Emergency and Amber Alerts  Article ID: AA1090 1
 iPhone and iPad: Using Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner  Article ID: AA1094 0
 iPhone 5: Updating from iOS 6.0 to a Newer Version  Article ID: AA1074 0
 iPhone 6 Plus: Screen Does Not Rotate to Landscape Mode  Article ID: AT4838 26
 iPod touch: Attaching iPod touch Loop  Article ID: AG5016 0
 iTunes 11: Show Sidebar and Status Bar

 Article ID: AA1076

 iTunes for Windows: Missing .dll File  Article ID: AT4828 72
 Locking Orientation   Article ID: AA1034
 Mac App Store: Certificate Invalid for  Article ID: AT4830 0
 MacBook Pro (Late 2016 and Later): Restoring Default Boot Behavior  Article ID: AA1140 0
 Mail for iOS: Printing an Email Message  Article ID: AA1136 0
 Migrating from Android to iOS  Article ID: AS6055 0
 Mountain Lion: Exploring new Features  Article ID: AA1068 0
 Multi-touch Gestures in macOS  Article ID: AA1088
 OS X: About Partitions  Article ID: AA1086

 OS X: Using AirDrop  Article ID: AA1084 0
 Password Protected Folders in macOS   Article ID: AA1100 9
 Phone Calls on iPod touch  Article ID: AA1036 0
 Power Management on the Apple Watch  Article ID: AA1126 0
 Problems with Opening or Downloading Apps  Article ID: AT4816 0
 Preparing an iOS Device for Sale  Article ID: AA1096 0
 Redeeming an iTunes Gift Card   Article ID: AE2328  0
 Refunds from the App Store or iTunes Store  Article ID: AA1038
 Refurbished, New, What's the Difference?  Article ID: AE2320 0
 Renaming an iPod, iPhone, iPad or Mac  Article ID: AA1040 0
 Repeating or Shuffling Songs  Article ID: AA1042 10
 Safari: About Extensions  Article ID: AE2334 0
 Setting a Passcode on an iOS Device  Article ID: AA1044 4
 Siri's Voice: Information and Troubleshooting  Article ID: AA1092 0
 Slow Mac? What to Do and What Not to Do  Article ID: AE2330 0  
 Spotlight Search   Article ID: AA1046 0
 Submitting Feedback to Apple  Article ID: AA1048 0
 Switching from Windows to Mac   Article ID: AS6050 2
 Taking a Screenshot: iOS and Mac   Article ID: AA1050 3
 Time Machine: sparsebundle Already in Use or Cannot be Accessed  Article ID: AT4826
 Turn Off Passcode is Grayed Out on iOS  Article ID: AT4834 7
 Turning VoiceOver On or Off  Article ID: AA1052 46
 Understanding iOS Status Bar Symbols   Article ID: AA1054
 Updating iOS  Article ID: AA1056
 Updating Mac OS  Article ID: AA1058 2
 Updating tvOS  Article ID: AA1134 0
 Updating watchOS  Article ID: AA1130 0
 Using Siri Article ID: AG5020 0
 Uploading Photos to the iPad with the Camera Connection Kit  Article ID: AA1108 0
 Viruses, Malware and Adware on the Mac   Article ID: AA1060 0
 Volume Feedback has no Sound in OS X 10.10 or Later  Article ID: AT4850 0
 Warranties and AppleCare   Article ID: AA1062 0
 What is Jailbreaking iOS? Should I do it?  Article ID: AJ0000 0
 What is Stored in iCloud and What is Not?  Article ID: AE2326 2
 What is System Integrity Protection?  Article ID: AA1128 0
 What to Do if You Find Someone's iOS Device  Article ID: AA1132 0
 Which Model do I Have?   Article ID: AA1064
 Will My Applications Work when I Upgrade macOS?  Article ID: AA1120 0
 Yosemite and Later: Adding Ringtones and Alert Tones  Article ID: AA1106 58

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